Beyondview is an executive coaching and management consulting company that helps leaders and their organizations transform how they work.

Our Approach

Beyondview Consulting’s mission is to empower people and organizations to trust their inner voice and confidently create the success they desire through customized consulting and coaching experiences. Our vision is to create a world that welcomes the highest expression of all.

Executive Coaching

Clients gain clarity and confidence about their unique skills and contribution. Discussions often centre on interpersonal dynamics and involve a transition of some kind (e.g., new role, new company, retirement, etc.). As clients transform from their current state, courage and readiness to tackle new opportunities emerges.

Management Consulting

Clients benefit from enhanced corporate and organizational effectiveness and increased engagement. Using business transformation expertise, organizations work smarter and wiser. A custom-designed business strategy is co-created by collaborating with internal experts resulting in solutions that are comprehensive, actionable and strategic, driving ownership at all levels.

“You won't even know how important or eye opening your conversations with Lisa are, until you've had them, taken time to evaluate them, and then use the advice and tools to your benefit. I'm blown away.” - Partner, Architecture Firm, Calgary, AB

“Lisa is amazing! I absolutely treasured our time together. Her thoughtful, caring approach helped me to move through a very difficult time professionally”. - Leasing and Land Development Professional, Calgary, AB

“She is a great listener who has the gift of getting you to see what you might have missed” - Senior Partner/Lawyer, Toronto, ON

“Lisa has an exceptional talent for creating an environment where one can trust the process, the coach and oneself” - Director/Lawyer, Calgary, AB

“She doesn’t tell you what to do but asks the right questions to get from your challenge to your solution and treats all concerns with respect, regardless of whether they are massive undertakings or small tweaks to existing processes. Coaching sessions felt unforced and open.” - Consultant, Toronto, ON

“She understands how I like to communicate and helped me validate, or not, my strategy to achieve my objectives from experience or insight.” - Vice President, Toronto, ON

“Do not hesitate to use Lisa’s services for any sort of on-going coaching or transition; it could be in any industry. Very professional and experienced Fun to work with and very personable.” - Now-retired Financial Advisor, Medicine Hat, AB

Our Values

Lead With Respect

We build trust by collaborating with clients to explore their wisdom, respecting different-ness, expertise and time.

Empower Others

We believe that building momentum and ownership are the foundation for creating a continuous improvement mindset. Beyondview teaches repeatable tools and methodologies so clients are set up for success well into the future.

Co-create a Customized Path Forward

We recognize each person, team and organization is unique. Beyondview listens and translates learnings into a customized, one-of-a-kind approach, using knowledge from multiple disciplines.

The Benefits

Executive coaching clients have benefited from:

  • Powerful communication and engagement strategies to articulate their vision
  • Promotions (eg, director, vice president, senior vice president)
  • Presenting themselves differently with observable confidence
  • Generating courage to stand up and live from their values
  • Graceful exits from politically volatile situations

Management consulting clients have learned to:

  • Break down departmental and communication silos - developing respect, trust and teamwork
  • Create systematic, repeatable, results-oriented efficiencies
  • Prepare senior management to champion change through visible leadership behaviours and commitment
  • Integrate simple, usable tools, processes and systems that consistently exceed expectations and improve bottom-line performance

Additional offerings from Beyondview Consulting include customized speaking engagements and group facilitation.

About The Founder

lisa zaharia headshot

Lisa uses her laser insight to see what no one else can see. For more than 20 years, Lisa has been supporting leaders in a variety of industries to bridge the gap between their stated values and operational values, by ensuring business processes are efficient and in alignment with their values. No matter the industry – oil and gas, legal services and court operations, commercial real estate, forestry, post-secondary education—her customized, creative approach to solving problems is sustainable and works.

As a management consultant, Lisa is an expert in business transformation, resulting in organizations working smarter and wiser. Lisa custom designs a business strategy for achieving transformation by collaborating with internal experts. This results in solutions that are comprehensive, actionable and strategic.

The key to Lisa's success is her value of clear communication, strong leadership and collective intelligence—along with a knack for helping her clients see a clear path to their goals. She will help you simplify complex problems and achieve your vision, building ownership at all levels, from ground-floor operations to executive, corporate functions.

As an executive coach, Lisa works with her clients as a strategic thought partner to help them see what is possible. Clients are able to articulate their value proposition, clarify boundaries and to prepare for difficult conversations by strategizing effective responses in the larger organizational context. When you enter a coaching arrangement with Lisa, you invest in yourself. You take an important step toward accomplishing professional and personal goals, becoming more successful and getting more of what you want out of life.

Lisa has travelled to many parts of the world learning about other cultures through spiritual practices and food. She rejuvenates in her garden or in the outdoors with her bike, kayak, cross-country skis or on-foot. She loves to cook, paint, sew, play cards and board-games. Lisa continually expands her learning about the mind, body, spirit and food.


A few of the clients that Beyondview Consulting has influenced are:

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